Jamaica Elections 2020 – Emotional Analysis of Social Media

How has Social Media Sentiment and Context changed leading up to Jamaica’s General Elections? This interactive tool lets you explore the results of over 30,000 posts, comments and other social media interactions across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It provides a summary of the month-long research we conducted.

Forward I expect a better, brighter and prosperous.
If the PM Andrew cannot trust his MPs to fill a portfolio position after corruption was revealed and the MP responsible was relieved of his duties, then why should the people of Jamaica vote.
Aye!! That was a cut ass in that Jamaica elections yes!
Hanging on by a thread! This is serious!

Emotion Analysis

The Emotion Analysis comprised analyzing over 30,000 social media interactions from people discussing topics related to the Jamaica Debates or General Elections. Data was gathered over the course of several weeks over the period from July 1 to September 5, 2020.


People are sharing their opinions on the elections across social media. These charts show how frequently social media users expressed the 16 emotions towards the parties and debaters.












Andrew Holness

Peter Phillips

Nigel Clarke

Mark Golding

Floyd Green

Lisa Hanna

Raymond Pryce

Christopher Tufton

Dayton Campbell

Kamina Johnson-Smith


Leadership Debate

Leadership Debate

Finance and the Economy Debate

Finance and the Economy Debate

Social Issues Debate

Social Issues Debate

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